What is Website Hosting? – The Basics

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For the purpose of this article I will assume that your searching for the answer to the following question: “What is website hosting”

Well, website hosting is required to have a web page displayed on the internet, a place where your files are removed and are translated from code to a display of images and text on a certain web address.

You see, every website file is made up of code, or language that is translated by the browser into a viewable and navigatable website. There are many languages ​​that are used such as HTML and PHP.

To make use of website hosting you would first need to register a domain name which would then be connected to a hosting account. In most instances, you would register a domain name with the same company as you use hosting as the domain will automatically connect to the hosting account once you have setup an account.

You can however register a domain name from a separate company if you find a better deal and change the name servers to point to the second company that you choose for hosting.

Nameservers are provided by the company who provides your hosting account in which you use within your domain account.

If you do not know much about website hosting then I would recommend you register your domain name with the same provider as your hosting as the company will offer any support if you have problems.

Been new to the world of web hosting can be very frustrating at first but if you choose the right website hosting company you are sure to get somewhere as these days, web hosting companies support is so competitive that you will find that your questions will be answered before you ask.

Choosing the right host can also be difficult if you do not know what to look for. As a few pointers just look out for the following things:

1. Make sure the website hosting company has phone and email support.
2. Make sure the sites uptime is as close to 100% as possible.
3. Find a host with features such as a free domain name, unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, and a website builder.
4. If a website offers Unlimited Bandwidth and Diskspace you will need to read terms and conditions before hand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hope you can find the best host.


Source by John P Henderson

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