Web hosting is what you need if you want to display your website on the Internet. The web host is the computer (called a “server” by the techies) that contains your website until someone wants to see it; at which time the server serves it up to the computer or cell phone that asked for it. Do you need to understand how all that works? No, you do not have to; it works. After all, how many of us that drive cars actually understand the internal combustion engine? Not many, I expect; but like web hosting and a lot of other things about computers and the Internet incompletely understood by us non-technical types, it works

Can I be my own web host? Sure! But why in the world would you want to? To save money? An individual or small business can get all the space and bandwidth they are likely to need for less than five dollars a month. That would not pay for the electricity you’d need to run your own server for a month if you wanted to keep your site available 24/7! Cost considerations aside, unless you have the urge to learn a lot more than you need to about the technical side of computers, rent a host on the web

How do I find a web host? You will find that extremely easy to do. The competition for your business is fierce; there are literally thousands of possible web hosting companies on the Internet. All you have to do is Google the phrase “web host” and you’ll see what I mean. Most of them will have several plans to choose from and make it easy as possible to get your site uploaded and underway

How do I find the best one for me? Of course the writer of this little piece hopes you’ll give him a shot, but failing in that there are a number of reviewers on the web that claim to have the skinny on the best hosts; some of those will surface when you use the search term “best web hosts.” Read the reviews, good and bad, and then decide who you want to trust with your credit card number

You need a web host to get your website seen on the Internet. You can do it yourself but will find it a lot easier and cheaper to go with a professional web host. There are lots of them on the web. Check around and find one you can trust


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