Ever since internet started conquering the world, Content Management Systems has placed its foot in the web world and started to acquire attention in the recent years and has become very popular. Content management system (CMS) was introduced as an assembly of procedures which can be used to manage work flow in a shared environment. This can let a large number of people add to and share stored data and also develop user communications

This era is such that not only technical persons but everyone bought to use the web resources and in fact they are in need of such resources. The growing business needs and the thirst to expand the business require companies to publish their business in the form of websites. Owning a server is not very cheap and also the want of it is not a must for small companies. Here is the concept of web hosting came into lime light

Need for Web Hosting
The lack of ability by all individuals and establishments to own a web server led to the flourishing of web hosting companies which provide space on the servers for those who would want to establish their own website accessible through the WWW (World Wide Web). Such hosting companies also provide internet connectivity to their clients

Scope of Web Hosting
The choice of web hosting varies broadly. An individual will most likely prefer a basic web page hosting that may include a small file hosting. Such hosting is provided provided by most of the providers. A very good example of it is a WordPress site

This choice will not be suitable for an organization which may require image, video, blog etc to be hosted for their sites. A complex site requires a more comprehensive package that delivers database support and application development platforms. This will provide the customers to develop scripts on their own for managing the content which also means that a part of control is being given to the clients themselves

How to Choose
Choosing the best service is as important as choosing the provider. You need to decide on the content you need to host and also the service you. You may also need to decide on the uptime (the time you would want your site to be live on the web) and also availability (the percentage of the year you would want your website to be available to www). After choosing all these parameters you need to decide on the web hosting company which can provide you a reliable service

Most popular content management packages include Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting etc. You also need to decide on the OS you need. The most useful one is the Linux whereas Ubuntu, centos and Debian are also on the rise

Joomla is a versatile and easy to use content management system. It can be hosted on many types of servers, from windows to Linux and from free Joomla hosting to hosting in dedicated servers


Source by Amy V Thomas

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