Promethazine doses are based on weight in children, and any changes may affect your child s dose.

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Information about Promethazine.

Although primarily used to treat allergiesPromethazine is indicated to treat a variety of other conditions as well.

Administration of promethazine HClpromethazine hydrochloridehas been associated with reported cholestatic jaundice.

If you are taking promethazine liquiddo not use a household spoon to measure your doseUse the measuring spoon or cup that came with the medication or use a spoon made especially for measuring medication.

The FDA advised manufacturers to include in the black box warning that the preferred route of intravenous administration is deep intramuscular injectiondirectly into a muscleand not subcutaneous injectioninto the layer of skin directly below the dermis and epidermis

CNS DepressantsPromethazine hydrochloride tablets may increaseprolongor intensify the sedative action of other central-nervous-system depressantssuch as alcoholsedatives/hypnoticsincluding barbituratesnarcoticsnarcotic analgesicsgeneral anestheticstricyclic anti-depressantsand tranquilizersthereforesuch agents should be avoided or administered in reduced dosage to patients receiving promethazine HClWhen given concomitantly with promethazine hydrochloride tabletsthe dose of barbiturates should be reduced by at least one-halfand the dose of narcotics should be reduced by one-quarter to one-halfDosage must be individualizedExcessive amounts of promethazine HClpromethazine hydrochloriderelative to a narcotic may lead to restlessness and motor hyperactivity in the patient with painthese symptoms usually disappear with adequate control of the pain.

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antipsychotic drugs such as haloperidol, thiothixene, chlorpromazine, and prochlorperazine antinausea drugs such as metoclopramide or promethazine.

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