(The secret to making money selling web hosting is simple (yet often overlooked

Now here’s the “insider” secret: Find out what web hosting buyers want … and give it to them. It’s that simple. And – if you do not already know – I’ll tell you exactly what they want (sparing you the research). The # 1 most important thing every web hosting buyer wants is: consistent reliability

This means … they never want to experience the embarrassment of downtime … and they always want to experience the thrill of fast loading web pages

If you remember one thing – remember this: “Helping others get what they want is how to get what you want.”

Now you know how to exceed their expectations … and this is how to earn long-term client loyalty. Do this … and your clients will pay you month, after month, after month (and recommend you to family and friends). The wonderful FREE ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising that’ll skyrocket your profits into overdrive

And you’ll feel good banking buckets of money … because you’re solving other people’s problems. It’s a win-win situation! Business does not have to be a zero-sum game (someone does not have to lose for you to gain). And here’s another “insider” tip to accelerate your success

Talk to your clients frequently. After you solve their primary burning need … find out what others problems they’re having (and create solutions to solve these problems). The more problems you solve – the more money you make (and the more client loyalty your earn). This is what business is all about: solving other people’s problems

Remember this: people are selfish (and this is not good or bad – it’s just how it is). People will not spend money to bring you happiness (they only care about their happiness). So, build your products and services around what people want. You do this by asking what problems they’re having … and creating products / services to solve these problems. Again, do not assume anyone will want anything. Get out and talk to people!

A real world example: I discovered more and more people were becoming frustrated with the – ever increasing – bombardment of spam. Nobody wanted to wake up to an inbox of hundreds of spam emails. It wastes precious time (and nobody has sufficient time as it is). Now think how spam affects your mood. How does it make you feel. Can you think of any positive emotions spam invokes? Doubt it. Sharing this frustration, I became determined to solve it … and just recently started offering barracuda spam firewall service. Now my clients do not have to deal with the frustrations of spam

That’s an example of keeping your ear to the ground … and solving problems to bring others increased happiness

So, here’s your take-away: The burning problem in the web hosting industry is inconsistent reliability. Solving this problem is your sure way to success. And, once you solve this problem – do not stop solving problems. Ask your clients what other problems they are having (and resolve those, too). Now go Google the Japanese Kaizen philosophy (and apply (it to solving problems)


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