آیا فقط كودك شما هوشمند است

This is very scary. If judged only by their IQ scores, kids today are smarter than any generation since IQ testing began. We all think our kids and / or grandkids are the smartest walking on this earth. Believe it or not it now now appears to be true. It is believe that this is attributed to: a richer intellectual environment; smaller families; testing dexterity and possibly genes. I used to ask my grandson “How did you get so smart?” and his answer was always “It’s my brain, grandma”.

My only concern is if the teachers are able to keep up with these intelligent kids. I have experienced some teachers that are lost when it comes to relating to kids in their classrooms (sorry teachers). I hate to categorize it this way, but it does appear with some teachers the only way that they know to relate to some of the kids in the classroom, who are completely bored with the average teaching that has been in place for generations, is to bully the student. At this point, it is the responsibility of the parent to check on the teachers to make sure their kids are being taught in the best way possible; considering our kids are getting smarter each and every day. Let’s not, as adults, stay complacent and think kids today can be taught the same way we were taught.

One mom explained to me that she believes the teachers are only teaching the kids what they need to know in order to achieve high SAT scores to ensure state and federal financial support. That is really a disappointment if indeed that is true. An easy answer for schools is to push the kids ahead in the “advanced” courses. Some kids are not mature enough to handle “advanced” courses even though their brains may be ready. As it turns out kids are struggling with “advanced” courses because they are not mature enough to plan their time; their concentration has not been developed to figure out how to get all of their school work completed; and the kids gets emotional about not being able to keep up.


Source by Rosalie Lynch

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