I want to talk with you about how we can deal with them efficiently

There are some big titles that we should follow

First: We should not deal with our kids as they are children and they don’t understand any thing, in the contrary we should respect them and respect their minds and try to understand how do they think

Second: If you feel that you cant convince them of your thoughts then you should think to alter your thoughts in a way that fits them, don’t demonstrate and force your thoughts on them

Third: If you have got a teen in your home then it’s a very big challenge. You should know exactly how you should treat them, because they tend to be ab secure and aggressive then you should take care, on the other hand you should try to befriend them knowing what are they suffer of, what they want to do in their life,and what are their motivation. Try to make them feel that they are independent and they can take vital decision separately, but in the same time you should keep a close eye on them and get involved in the right time

Fourth: don’t over protect them or over indulge them you should treat them the way the kids their age are to be treated, and don’t compare them with other kids this may cause a low self -esteem and low self confidence and regarding their study let them choose what they would like to study, and they should choose their hobby whatever they want to practice wither any sort of sports or music classes


Source by Samah Samir

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