Five Things to Know About Web Hosting and Subdomains

When you purchase domain registration service and web hosting packages, you may initially put all of your focus on figuring out the main domain name. That said, as time goes on, you are sure to think of other keywords, or different types of pages that would work better under a different domain name. Rather than purchase new server space and another name, you can try using subdomains instead. Aside from being much cheaper, you may find that they will be of immunity benefit in other ways

Setting Up Subdomains

As you may be aware, subdomains are listed in front of the main domain in a URL. For example, if your domain name is, you can create a subdomain for each category of gadget. If you create a subdomain for smartphones, the URL for it would be: http: //www.smartphones/ In a similar way, if you want a subdomain for GPS devices, the URL might look something like: http: //www.gps/

Depending on your web hosting provider, setting up subdomains may be as simple as going to your main hosting account, and clicking on the subdomain option. Even though some web host providers will have to configure your subdomain for you, it is still worth the effort. Once the subdomain is created, you can add content to it just as you would to your top-level domain

Boost Keyword Usage Opportunities

Many people go with domain registration of multiple top-level names in order to provide additional coverage for related keywords. Rather than spend all of that money, you can simply create subdomains to achieve the same goal. As an added bonus, if you have a domain name that includes the keyword you are most interested, the subdomains may provide more support in the search engines. At the very least, when you have a different subdomain for each keyword, it will alert the search engine spiders to the fact that you have a good bit of content related to each different keyword

Arranging Data and Applications

If you are going to have a store on your site, or cover different subjects, it never hurts to put them in a subdomain. Even though you can see folders when you access the file server, the subdomains will make things look much neater. Without a question, if your site has more than three or four parts to it, things will be much easier to find if you use subdomains instead of relying on the file tree

The Differences Between Free and Paid Web Hosting

Unlimited Opportunities for Affiliate Marketers

Domain registration and web hosting tend to represent a significant expense to associate marketers. For example, if you are trying to sell 100 diverse products, you would normally need to pay for domain registration on well over 100 domain names, plus pay for server space for each domain. On the other hand, when you use subdomains, you can provide one for each product. At the same time, you can use something unique and brandable for your top-level domain. This will help you establish yourself in many fields, as well as ensuring that you can keep your costs as low as possible

Community Groups and Resale Options

Even though you may conduct most of your business online, there will always be community events and organizations that may need some help establishing themselves on the internet. In some cases, providing them with a subdomain on your server can help you gain recognition as an individual that is interested in community affairs. This can easily draw local web viewers to your site, as well as boost your ranking in the search engines for all kinds of diverse keywords

It is very important to realize that someone shopping for books may also be interested in car parts and other items. While they may come to your site looking for books, information on other products may also capture their attention. Under these circumstances, subdomains may be far more valuable and useful than you ever realized

Regardless of whether you are an affiliate marketer, or trying to build a following in your local community, subdomains can help you organize information as well as ensuring that it gets an optimum level of attention from search engine spiders. During the process of looking for web hosting providers, you should seriously consider looking for ones that allow you to create an unlimited number of subdomains. Even if you can not think of any uses for them right this moment, plenty of ideas are sure to come along


Source by Marcus Lim

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