Best Deals on Web Hosting

With the massively quick growth of the Internet over the past years, web hosting has become a huge business. There are tens of thousands of companies out there all fighting for the same thing; customers. These companies compete against each other by offering the lowest priced monthly payment plans while giving their customers huge bandwidth and storage limits

Should you ever find yourself needing web hosting there will be no shortage of companies willing to take your money. To the average person, plans for less then $ 5 a month with “unlimited” bandwidth and storage seem like the best option. Unfortunately, this is just a creative ploy to get you to hand over your money. It’s all in the terms of service and contracts that you agree to when you make a purchase. Should you decide to ever read those, you will find what unlimited really means

Most people soon find out that their unlimited resources web hosting plan is not what it looks. This usually happens when their website grows to a point that is it using too many resources and the host down shuts down their account. So how exactly do you go about finding the best deals? Where do you go to find information on multiple web hosts? A review site of course

However, this may not be as simple as it sounds. Most of the web hosting review sites on the Internet today are influenced by how much they make off of a sale when they refer a customer to a web host. These websites will typically have a top 10 host list with the company that pays the highest commission listed at # 1. These websites do not help anyone searching for hosting since they provide biased reviews of each host

If you are in the market to buy hosting why would you want to visit one of these sites? You would not want to considering that they do not provide real reviews of web hosts

Fear not, there are sites out there that provide honest reviews. They determine the best web hosts by having actual customers leave reviews on their websites. These sites are not worried whether or not they are making the most money because they would rather provide you with a quality company. Knowing that these sites rank web hosts by how well actual customers rate them, you can be assured that you are finding the best provider


Source by Jarret Cade

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