You have made a decision to eat more carefully and loose some


You go to the supermarket and you go to the low-fat

meals, diet drinks, sugar free snacks and you fill up your trolley.

If you think buying all these products is going to benefit you

think again.

New research shows that choosing “skinny” options is

likely to make you fatter.

This healthy eating idea is not so healthy after all.

Choosing the skinny option is more likely to make you

consume more sugar and salt.

Also will leave you feeling more hungry.

Scientists at Purdue university, Indiana have shown artificial

sweeteners in diet drinks make us want to eat more.

What these artificial sweeteners do is send signals to our brain telling

us to expect calories.

When no more calories arrive, we have the urge to eat more to


I decided to check their findings for myself and see if these so called

healthy eating options were healthy.

For week one I chose foods marketed as having slimming or health


I ate the the quantities that I needed in order to feel full.

For the second week I followed the G I style of eating diet plan.

Again I ate as much as needed to fill full. I weighed myself before and after

each week. You would think that you would loose more weight by having the

special diet foods.

Here is the results of week one.

Diet food verdict

After a few days, I felt hungrier and more sluggish. I began to feel

bloated. I definitely did not feel as good as in week two and I got bored

with the food. I started looking at labels and was surprised that, even

though some foods said,low-fat, they were still very high in calories salt

and sugar. By the end of week one,I had put on 3lbs.

Here is the results of week two.

G I diet plan verdict

I felt full all the time I thought preparing my food would be a pain but

it was simple. My energy levels went up and I was bounding out of bed in

the mornings. I was able to concentrate better and was more alert. At the

end of week two I lost 6lbs.

Final verdict

If you rely on diet food then,based on my experience, it looks as though

it is time to stop being taken in by the big claims on the front of food

packaging like-



Reduced sugar

instead what you should look at is the small print on the nutrition labels.

Take a look at my five point check list of easy to make mistakes-then

you can avoid the diet food trap. Which leads to putting on weight eating

so called healthy eating options.

1. Reduced fat does not mean low-fat or low in calories. It actually means

the food has 25 percent less fat than the original products. In the case of

foods like taramasalata, which is high in fat in the first place, the reduced fat

version may be better but it is still high in fat and calories.

2. Low fat does not mean low in calories. Many low-fat puddings,cakes and

biscuits use sugar to replace all of the fat that has been removed. Always

check out the small print calories per serving.

3. Healthy eating ready meals ranges in supermarkets often come in large

portion sizes. So while they may be low in fat and salt, they have lots of


4. Be aware that when you buy diet food you may kid yourself that, because

you have made a healthy eating choice, you can then go and make up for it

by eating more later.

5. Many diet foods may have lower calories but they still have lots of

salt. Too much salt causes your body to hold on to excess water up to

3lb worth, so you end up feeling bloated and having swollen wrists and



Source by Andrew Kerekes

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