There are many benefits to using a website hosting company rather than trying to host your own ecommerce website. These benefits include the support, backups, flexibility, security, and more

Technical support can become an issue if you are hosting your own site. If you are not responsive enough then this may cause customers to shop with someone else. When you choose an ecommerce hosting company you can rely on technical support that is reliable and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call for technical support even on the holidays

In addition, you will not have to worry about not being able to contact help when troubleshooting functionality you do not understand on your ecommerce website. Many times you will be talking to support personnel located on the other side of the world on a different time zone. Any time of day you will get someone on the phone for help. You will not be stuck trying to figure out functionalities on your own

When you choose an ecommerce hosting company you can also benefit from backups. You will not have to purchase your own backup server nor will you have to worry about recovering files. If you do not run your own backups and the files of your site are deleted then you may be looking at long periods of downtime while you rebuild your site from scratch. When an ecommerce hosting company provides backups they save you money and time

Flexibility is an excellent benefit with an ecommerce hosting company. When you want to integrate new features, upgrades, and other things it will be a simple process. When you choose a package make sure the flexibility is there because you do not want to get stuck buying a more expensive plan with the company. Flexibility is very important but it is not always offered with everyone. You will come across upgrade issues

Security is the most important thing when it comes to ecommerce hosting. Your shoppers are not going to use their credit card if they are not secure and you can not guarantee security of their personal and banking information. In addition, it could cost you a lawsuit

There are many benefits of using an ecommerce hosting company rather than trying to host your own site. A retail site has many components that require a lot of responsibility with shopper’s information, functionality and more. A website host provides backups, support for troubleshooting, security, and flexibility


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