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Incorporating affiliate marketing in your business helps you build a sales force to increase the sales of your products. It also gives you the opportunity to mentor someone else and help learn the skills they will need later when they have developed their own products and services. Technology is what is driving business today and anyone who has their own business needs to be incorporated into their marketing programs. You do not always hear about it except during the holiday season when the nightly news stories report on cyberspace Monday– when they talk about the number of people who purchase products online, rather than shopping in a store in dealing with the crowds.

Many retail stores today know the power of the Internet. Statistics show that nearly 50% of products and services are sold through the Internet. When you see the statistics on unemployment, that depending on where you’re live, unemployment can be as high as 12 or 13%. Of the landmark in does not mean that you will make an income immediately but it does give you an opportunity to create an income for yourself that can only increase over time, and eventually build you an income to pay your bills.

We need to consider having multiple streams of income today, because you can not depend on just one source of income to pay your bills. So if you have someone who you are working with and using their products, as well as, referring your friends to them then why not be an affiliate with your mentor and earn commission when you refer your friends to them. Think about the fact that you can be an affiliate with four or five different websites, which products and services you use, and alert commission every time you refer a friend to them who could also use their services and products.

So many people are afraid of selling, because they do not understand that everything you do is selling. For instance, if you are looking for a job, when you go in for an interview you would selling yourself to the person manager. So it’s a matter of just learning how to build good relationships, therefore, they will trust you when you tell him about a product or service that you are using that will benefit them, especially since it has helped you. This is all that selling is.

Entrepreneurs today have learned how to use affiliate marketing to help them sell their services. Since many of them understand that unless they have joint ventures with other entrepreneurs, and that they need to teach their affiliates how to use e-mail marketing and autoresponders to help you increase your income, by offering a lucrative commission when you sell a product of theirs. Here is an example of why I am talking about: what if for instance you are working with a professional speaker and trainer who has a program that he is selling for $ 250 and offer reading you 40% commission on the sale. Dude just earn $ 100 on that sale. When you think about making 100 calls per day or sending out 100 emails per day for five days a week, you can easily make $ 500 a week. $ 500 a week can be $ 2000 per month or $ 24,000 per year.

When you work in an office you are paid hourly and may only make $ 10 per hour or $ 80 per day, which is only $ 400 per week on a $ 1600 per month which is only $ 19,200 per year. Which means that by working from home helping someone sell their products you have the opportunity to earn a higher income, then you would earn working in an office today. Since you may not earn as high a commission selling a product of just one company you can work with several companies as an affiliate, because you do not have to spend as much time working, because all you have to do is to write out one or two different e-mails and set it up in an auto responder where you stand a schedule for the auto responder to send out the e-mails every two or three days.

Remember, technology is what is running business today and learning how to use technology to earn an income in the new economy, working from home is the way that business is done today.


Source by Davida Shensky

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