Who can deny it? The boom in social networking sites transcending generations; politics infiltrating every bit of media, giving the journalists who present it incredible power and sway. Teenagers turn to their magazines as bibles for fashion, friends, and relationships, and more and more people get their news from the Internet. The written word and the presentation of information in the communications major is truly the key to the universe. Communications is more than just people writing words and working computers; it is the art of influence and change. With the Internet and television, people from all over the country and all over the world can touch base within seconds. Such a network is a great opportunity for people to incite change, and with a communications degree under their belt, they can do just that

Young people of today, being well-connected to the world through the Internet, become exposed to more issues and begin to form their own opinions on matters ranging from political elections to man’s impact on the environment. Unfortunately, while they may be well-informed on the questions at hand, they may lack the rhetoric to communicate their points effectively and influentially. Studying through a communications major remedies this through classes in language (verbal or not) and persuasion. As students learn which mediums to use and how to appeal to their audiences, they gain weight in their arguments and are able to promote their way of thinking. With this they spearhead movements for positive change, through the television, the paper mills, or the computer screen

Communications is the most useful major because not only does it provide a way for young people to make in impact worldwide, but also to make an impact in their everyday lives. They learn to decipher the messages that advertising puts out and shields them against false, negative images. They may be jaded, but at least they are not easily manipulated. Armed with such knowledge, communication majors are not easily fooled by distorted stories and biased presentations


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