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It is very possible to make a good living right from the comfort of your own home! Yes it is! Because, I personally know people who have been working from home for many years now. So, the question is not, “Is it possible?”, but the question is, “Will you do it?”

The truth is, if you are a stay at home mother, a House-Wife, or if you’re just a self-employed entrepreneur, then you’re gonna need to do something to bring in some income. You can’t just stay in that house and do nothing, because those bills are not gonna pay themselves! So, you gotta get cracking!

There is no one size fits all approach to establishing a good home-based business, because everyone is different and unique. But, here are 8 home-based business ideas that you might consider.

1. Daycare / Babysitting Services

If you are good with children, then why not consider making a living off them? You can totally turn your living room into a kid friendly daycare spot!

You can charge per child for the week or for the day. This can really bring you in some serious cash, because face it, people can’t take their children to work with them all the time. So, a professional woman or a working man may need an extra set of eyes and hands to look after their little booger while they are at work or running errands.

To be successful with this home-based business, you are going to need to be well organized and very punctual. You need to be on time with this one, because you may be getting clients in the early morning or needing to collect kids at the late evening time.

2. Personal Assistant / Office Administrator

If you are a professional at heart, then this might be a great home-based business venture for you.

Plenty of entrepreneurs, start-up attorneys, artists, musicians, and freelancers require administrative help. You can easily provide that office hand that they need to make their business run smoothly and easily.

If you find one single client, you can make some good top dollars. But, if you decide to accept a few clients, then you can even pull in way more!

This type of home-based business would be ideal for a person who has a history of working in an office setting.

3. Tutoring Services (Instrument – Academics – Computers)

If you have an area of expertise, you can totally turn that into a money maker! Tutoring, teaching what you know, and helping others to become proficient in a subject will never go out of style.

If you are serious about your approach, you can easily find yourself booked all up for every day of the week with a client!

Give lessons in guitar, or teach word processing in Microsoft Word, or even give lessons in math, history, or language arts. Really, the only limitations are the ones you put on yourself.

4. Tarot / Psychic Readings

This one may seem a bit different and odd, but the truth is, it still qualifies as something you can totally do from home.

If you’re into this type of work, you can easily pull in a decent weekly or daily income.

You can provide services via phone, or you can have clients come visit you.

Many of your clients are simply seeking a mutual talking face to face buddy. Someone who is gonna speak positive to them and help them sort their own spiritual path out.

5. Book Authoring / Writing

You have some great ideas and some stunning stories floating around in your head! It’s time to bring them to life! Becoming a book author might be the perfect thing for you.

If you sat down and wrote just a few hours a day, you can put out nearly a dozen books for the year! Writing a book isn’t hard at all, but it only requires discipline and focus.

The money might trickle in at the start, but if you continue to write, you will eventually build up a loyal readership.

As long as you produce quality content, the books will basically sell themselves.

Also, you can blog, and write articles, and make money off of marketing in your articles or via donations that readers make because they love your style so much!

6. Personal Laundry Services

This is a different one, but it still makes the list! Face it, people can’t go to work smelling like butt and feet! Those clothes must be washed! You might be the perfect person for the job too.

Don’t overlook this one. It’s the jobs that nobody wants to do that you can truly make a killing off of.

People can bring their laundry to you at the end of the week, and you can have them fresh and smelling clean for the next week to come. Even, if they dropped the clothes off at the start of the week, you can have them done in a day or so.

7. Food Catering Services

If you’re a Chef at heart, then this might be your calling! Put your apron on and get busy.

You can create a menu, which would be the foods that you prepare the best and the most often. Then, you can have your clients place their orders in advance.

You can service big events if you’re up for the tasks, but you can also do small jobs too. Cook for your entire building or town, or provide catering for weddings, birthdays, and even baby showers! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

8. Barber / Hair Stylist

Do you have that magic touch when it comes to hair? Because, you so could make a great living doing hair right from your own home!

Many people are not too good at doing their own hair, but the thing is, they still need to look decent and presentable. This is where you come in and save the day!

Usually Hair Stylist charge per session, but you can be super creative. If you cut hair or braid often, then you can consider a monthly service fee, and keep a regular in your chair. This way, it won’t feel like a hustle to you, because the money is already set in place.

Working from home can truly be a great option for many. Don’t forget that there are pros and cons with just about everything you can think of though! Because, working from home may be super convenient. You won’t have to worry about commuting or travel expenses. You don’t have to worry about a boss hanging over your shoulder either! But, since your work is at home, you won’t have a place that you can fully retreat to and relax. Plus, since you’re home, you may be tempted to dine a bit more, use more electricity, and the expenses of your home may generally increase a bit.

Regardless of where you work, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you enjoy what you’re doing. Because when you enjoy what you’re doing, you will be able to do a super good job!


Source by James J Elleyby

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