5 Things Elected Officials Should Know And Do

Wouldn’t it be nice, if those, who serve and represent us, as public, elected officials, proceeded, consistently, with our best interests, as their priority, rather than focusing and prioritizing their own, personal agenda, and self – interests? In the United States of America, we often, witness, self – serving politicians, who, either, don’t care, or are unwilling and/ or unable, to know, what’s most relevant and sustainable, and, consistently, proceed accordingly! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, and discuss, 5 things, we would all benefit by, if our elected officials did, and know

1. Know what you want/ need, and what’s best: Doesn’t it often seem, when politicians run, for office, they make certain, populist promises, but, once, in office, rarely proceed, accordingly? Why do so many of these, seem to constantly be talking, at us, rather than speaking with us? In the Presidential elections of 2016, Donald Trump, articulated numerous populist forms of rhetoric and promises, often over – promising, and clearly, under – delivering, for many. Elected officials are supposed to serve all, not just their core supporters, yet, few do so. Rather, most seem to do, what their larger donors, desire, which often, differs from the common good

2. Under – promise, and over – deliver: Politicians constantly make a wide variety of promises, with the hope and desire of getting elected! We should elect individuals, who are willing to, under – promise, and over – deliver. Until/ unless, they proceed, using common sense, and realistic approaches, how will the American public, benefit

3. Keep their word/ integrity/ promises: Most public opinion polls, indicate, politicians, and/ or public officials, are considered, in a rather, unflattering way! They are perceived, often, as manipulative, and self – serving, and fail, to keep their word! We should demand, elected officials consistently maintain absolute integrity! What good are their promises, if they don’t act, accordingly

4. Solutions – oriented: President Trump has brought the Blame and Complain, approach, to heights, never previously envisioned! When faced with any objections to his plans, or questions, to his integrity, effectiveness, etc, he resorts, to using the scape – goat technique, blaming and complaining others, rather than taking personal responsibility. Don’t we deserve to be represented by individuals, who are solutions – oriented, rather than focusing on rhetoric and political agenda

5. Change – for the better: Historically, politicians, often, run, on a platform, of change! However, what good is change, if it doesn’t make a quality difference, for the better

We must demand better from those we elect, to be our public officials! Until/ unless, the American public stops being apathetic, and gullible, we will continue getting, what we have received


Source by Richard Brody

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